I lost an earring! Can I order a single replacement?

Due to our leathers natural unique texture and color, making a match from new leather to the grain and coloring of the previous pair proves quite difficult. For that reason we don't sell singles, but if you email us at info@eichermade.com we will figure out the best way to help you.

Do your earrings contain nickel, are they safe for sensitive ears?

Our earrings do not contain any nickel. All of our hooks are sterling silver or 14kt gold plated. If you require a surgical steel hook, email us at info@eichermade.com to place an order as a custom order.

Are all the earrings made from the same leather? Are they the same thickness/weight?

No, we use a variety of leathers, based on the different styles or patterns. They all will be extremely lightweight, tho some are lighter than others.

What do the backs of the leather look like?

The backs of the leathers depend on the style. Most will be a sueded version of the front in a slightly lighter color. While others will be light or dark and some will be smooth. 

Will you be restocking previous leather colors and prints?

Yes! And no. We love to keep things fresh and we are always bringing in new colors and textures. There are times when we sell out of a leather and we are not able to restock it. Sometimes we'll pull a color from the site for a season with a plan to reintroduce it later on. Many of our leather hides are limited so if you see a color that you love, purchase it before it sells out and if you are looking for an older style, keep checking back. If you have a specific color or print in mind and don't see it available feel free to email us at info@eichermade.com and we will see what we can do!

Do you make vegan leather products?

We are not currently offering any vegan leather options at the moment, except through custom orders. If you are interested in vegan leather options please email us at info@eichermade.com

Do you take custom orders?

There is a lot going on here at Eichermade, which often makes it difficult to accommodate custom orders. We are, however, very interested in knowing what you have in mind, so send us an email at info@eichermade.com. We'll see what we can do!