Summer Bucket List

Summer is always a fun and exciting.    Filled with swimming, parades, and family time.  This year we have decided we want to have a purpose for our summer.  No, we are not trying to make you other mom’s and dad’s feel bad about not doing things for the summer.  We just feel this year we’d like to make sure we are making memories with our kids and have some learning opportunities within those memories.  This is my first year as a school mom, so my concerns for the summer was making sure my soon-to-be kindergartner doesn’t lose what she lost.  We’ve mapped a journal for her to write in each morning.  We plan to go to the library once a week. We also hope to go to some museums this summer.  

We made sure that in this bucket list we weren’t over extravagant about what we wanted to do.  We made things more practical like swimming and picnics.  We want our kids to have fun and learn at the same time!

With less than 100 days of summer for the Mid-Prairie school district I wanted our list to also be easily completed so I have put things in the list where a couple of things can be completed at one time.  Like going to the beach and build a sandcastle.  

Let’s have fun this summer!! Make some memories!  Enjoy this printable summer bucket list!  We have made this for our local area but have added a few blank slots for you to fill out!


Have a great summer!

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