Strength and Weakness!

There are times in life that we are a bit embarrassed or ashamed of our pasts. We hide parts of our story to keep all the yuck contained! I’m no stranger to that. I’ve refrained from telling others about my life, sharing my story because I have been worried about the comments or reactions of my audience. But, as God makes a difference in my life and shapes my strength and weaknesses the less of my life I tend to hide!



The other night I had the privilege of sharing a bit of my story with a lady I had met. I’m always down for sharing, though sometimes I’m not sure how to respond to their reactions.

God has worked many wonders and miracles in my life. He’s taken a insecure, frightened, fearful of rejection little girl and transformed me into the woman I am today.

I’ve said my final goodbyes to both of my parents by the time I was 21, I’ve overcome a childhood littered with abuse, and have been pulled from the depths of depression. I have LIVED when everything in me just wanted to die! I’ve known true love, and experience what it means to truly be loved unconditionally.

That being said, I’ve experienced the opposite of those things too. I was that abused child, that young girl struggling to breath when I felt life was pushing me further and further under water. I’ve know love that was based on circumstances and what I could give or do.

When sharing my full, or slightly less condensed version of my testimony, I’m often met with the same reactions of how “strong” I am. And while at times I often respond the same way saying, “sometimes strong is all I can be, breaking down isn’t really an option”.

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But in all honesty, I do break down, I’m quite broken, there are days that I don’t want to get out of bed, but by the grace of God, He gives me enough strength! Sometimes it’s just enough to get done what needs to be done, other days it’s a well overflowing!

God created me in his image with my own set of strengths and weaknesses. As I grow older and closer to him, I realize there is strength in my weaknesses, and he’s always there to strengthen me!

When breaking down, or feeling like  throwing in the towel and being done, I lean on Him! I’m not “strong” y’all, but I have a God that’s willing and wanting to be strong for me!

And the best part?

He is willing and wanting to be strong for you too! We don’t have to do this alone! We don’t have to carry the weigh of our worlds on our shoulders!

Blessed day!



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