Lately I’ve been thinking a lot a about what I am worth. It’s something I’ve struggled with for a long time now. I’ve thought things like, am I replaceable? Am I worthy? Am I enough?

Society teaches us all too often that we are all replaceable! That someone who is so much better than we are is just around the corner ready to fill our spots. How many time have you heard the phrase “don’t get too comfortable”?

Even the queen Bey herself taught us, “I can have another you in a minute, matter fact he’ll be here in a minute!”

But do you know what God says! God says he has every hair on our heads counted! That we are precious in his sight! He says we are so worthy and irreplaceable he sent his one and only son to DIE for us!! I don’t mean in a figurative way, I mean physically die for us!!

We aren’t just fleeting no body’s y’all. We are HIS! We are worthy! We are enough! We are!

I needed this reminder this morning as I sat crying in my room. I’m guilty of feeling like I don’t matter or that my kids deserve a better mother than me or my husband a better wife because some days I don’t feel enough!

I’ve felt not pretty enough, not thin enough, not smart or rich enough! I’ve dealt with my fair share of pity parties, wondering if God made some kind of mistake. But every time he comes back to me with the same message “You are mine! You are more worthy than you know! There is only one you!”

Y’all I’m not replaceable and neither are you!


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