Number Three!

Vacation.  Summer.  I don’t know if the two should even be in the same sentence.  All of august I was processing where I stand on life.  We just found out we are pregnant with baby #3. My husband had started picking up more hours and my life felt like it was just dragging on.  

As many of you moms know pregnancy is not easy.  We had been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half and had thought we could only get pregnant on meds.  So we had stopped taking fertility medication in February and we wouldn’t be able to start back until July. I felt like a failure. I couldn’t get pregnant.  Craig and I finally sat down one night and talked. Decided that we would quit fighting Gods plan and just give it to him and stop worrying.  

About a month later I was late but didn’t think much of it.  I had been doing a new diet/food plan and thought maybe it screwed with my system and I was just late.  Then I was in a minor car accident and assumed the stress of it again was why I was late. About a week and a half later I decided I better take a test just in case.   

Sure enough It was positive.  I actually didn’t even believe it.  I ended up taking 4 more tests in a 2 span day.  Craig didn’t believe me either.  

Baby number three doesn’t like food. My nausea has been pretty intense in the evenings and I’m pretty sure my kids think I live in my bed.  I live on Carbs and fresh produce.  

I hope to keep updates and fun facts going on with this pregnancy.  What I am planning to buy, use, don’t use.  Stay tuned for baby Shetler #3 and don’t forget to subscribe!!! 

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