My 10 Favorite Things


I love a good crime show. I also love comedy and romance, and this show has all three! When you find that one show you can watch all day long it better be good.  I love watching the relationships of all the characters! Seeing how they work as a team and all the fascinating elements of solving a crime.  Yes, I understand it’s not all real or possibly even right but dont spoil it for me.    

Green Apple Italian Soda

Seriously, if you haven’t tried one of these, DO!  We have a local small town coffee house that makes them and they are amazing.  An italian soda is club soda with flavors in it.  I love them!  I usually get a raspberry one, until I found this one! Its sweet which is what I like!

Agnes and Dora

This clothing line is like Lula Roe! Don’t get me wrong I like Lula Roe also but A&D has won my heart!  Their clothing fits me much better. It’s comfortable. It’s sophisticated patterns.  It’s fun. Check out my dear friend Brandi Mc’s facebook page and check out her clothes!



I don’t know how I became a huge fan of feathers.  They just started popping up all over the place and became a reminder that God is in control.  I loved this so much that in 2015 I tattooed it to my forearm. It’s a white ink so it’s hard to see on my skin. 

My Kids

I know this sounds a little ironic but yes one of my 10 favorite things is my kids.  They have taught me so much.  They constantly are challenging me in ways I never knew. Good ways.  They have brought so much joy and are a constant reminder of God’s love.  Unconditional love. No matter how naughty they are, or how many times you spank them and they run away mad. They will always come back with hugs and kisses.



These are my two best friends.  One is newer than the other but they both feel like we’ve known each other all our lives.  We have learned so much from each other.  We’ve seen God’s hand in our relationships.  Our personal experiences have mostly been by the other and we’ve been able to walk hand in hand together through good times and bad.  I don’t know where I would be with out them!

My Mom


This lady is one of the strongest ladies I know!  She was a single mom two 3 teenagers!!! A Rock! My favorite part about her is that she always loved us.  She used to read to us at night between our bedroom doors.  She taught us how to cook.  She taught me how to can salsa.  She’s taught me that life isn’t always going to go the way we plan but He’s always with us.  My Mom will always be favorite. She now has moved away from me and it’s been hard but it makes those times together more valued!


I guess I should probably put him in here somewhere.  We’ve been together since 2006!!  This year we celebrate 7 years of marriage.  I will be writing on this more in a week or so, so stay tuned.  He’s taught me so much! Marriage hasn’t been easy and we’ve been learned a lot from each other.  He’s stuck with me through all the hard times.  We’ve had a lot of good memories also.  I can’t imagine what life would have been like without him!



Family has always been a strange concept for me.  I didn’t grow up with a lot of family around, and I personally have a small family.  When I married Craig, I feel like I married half our community. At that time it was hard. When we had family reunions I struggled with being around so many people.  My family rarely has reunions.  So up until about a year ago and lot of prayer family has become a huge part of my life.  I love being around Craig’s family! I come from a blended family and with that I have gained so much  more family.  My grandparents moved from Oregon to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.  My maternal grandparents have played a huge role in my kids lives and has helped to grow my relationship with them. Family has become more than just family it’s becoming a way of life. 

My job


I LOVE my job!!  I’m a cosmetologist and I love helping people feel beautiful. My salon name is called “BIABO Salon and Spa”. BIABO stands for Beauty Inside And Beauty Outside.  This has been my mission. It also goes with 1 Peter 3:3-4.  

Here are just a few other of my favorite things:







Shellac Manicures


Don’t forget to comment you’re favorite things and let us know what you’re thinking!!

Thank you and have an amazing day!

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