My 10 favorite products for kids

hey everyone, sorry for the late post.  Life gets messy but I’m here now.  

Over the last 5 years I have gone through a ton of products and used a ton of products and these are some of my must have products for myself and my kids.  Let me know if you’ve used them or products you like also.

  1. Fairy Tale Detangler– As a stylist I have tried many different kind of detanglers, professional and non.  Fairy Tales products are all natural, and made in the USA so to me that’s awesome.  I actually use this on my hair to help with detangling after I shower.  It’s a great leave in for my hear as well as Celie’s hair.  Many of my friends have girls with curly hair and they swear by the stuff.  It smells amazing and it’s good for their hair.  Fairy Tales is a brand of hair care products for children.  They have other products for lice, bugs, sun & swim and curly hair.  I use their lice repelant shampoo and conditioner on Celie’s hair during the school year and also use the detangling shampoo and conditioner on my self occasionally.  We love them all!
  2. Boogie Wipes– To most kids wiping their nose is the worst possible thing that could happen to most of them.  These wipes have saved Drena and I’s sanity and clarity.  These saline wipes have become a necessity in our house.  You’re probably thinking why not just use regular wipes.  Regular wipes contain more ingredients than just saline.  When you’re child has a snotty nose and it’s sore using regular wipes can burn or aggravate the sores. That’s why they came up with boogie wipes.  Check them out you can find them just about anywhere.
  3. Wet Brush– This brush has been a saving grace in our house.  “With its unique IntelliFlex™ bristles, the Wet Brush runs effortlessly through hair, detangling without pulling or tugging. There’s no pain, no tears–whether the hair is wet from the shower or dry; curly or straight; thick or fine. Finally, the tears (and curses) stopped.” ( They have so many different options online.  As I was looking up the company I found they make custom brushes. Brushes for people who have thick hair, baby hair brushes.  Natural brushes and so many more options to choose from.  You also can find them in any beauty salon. 
  4. Coconut Oil- All Natural, Organic, versatile.  This stuff truly is amazing.  I can add lavender to this product and use it on my kids for healing dry skin, burns, or add any kind of essential oil to it.  We mostly use Coconut Oil for lotion on my daughter who gets extremely dry skin in the winter.  We’ve used it for sun burns by adding lavender and peppermint.  
  5. Contigo water bottles- These things have become a big deal in our house.  I need all of them!  I like to keep water in the fridge so it’s always cold and especially in the summer when it’s hot.  I also want to make water easily accessible to my kids but i’d rather not have water spilled all over my house.  These have become our new must haves. The water doesn’t leak our unless you press the button in the back to release a seal to drink.  I would say these are probably more for an older child.  Brice who is almost 3 can now open them himself.  Water doesn’t get spilled while they are flinging it around. They have clips on them so you can clip them onto your purse, diaper bag or to carry.  they are easy to clean also! that was another must.

    disregard the middle bottle. that one is Tupperware

  6. Life Jacket-  I’m not even sure what the brand of this life jacket it but these are my favorite.  Celie is a fish out of water but she needs a life jacket if she wants to swim in a deep end.  I had looked at a bunch of different life jackets or flotation for kids and always felt the arm floaty or similar things would make swimming hard for kids.  I wanted something that would help keep her a float while allowing her to strengthen her swimming skills.  These were the ones I found.  She can slip it over her swimming suit and it buckles between her legs.  Then when she doesn’t want it on because she wants to play in a shallow end we dont have to got put a different suit on we can just slip it off and she can go play.  I found these at Target.
  7. Essential Oils/Diffuser- I am not one who uses a ton of essential oils but the ones I do use I love to use on my kids.  We mostly defuse lavender at night and use cedarwood on the kids topically.  These are some other kid friendly oils to use. Peppermint-used for breathing and smell, Lavender-calming, Cedarwood-sleep, R.C.- Respiratory, Eucalyptus- Respiratory, Citronella-Bug repellent, Valor-pain, Panaway-Pain, Purification-Air purifier,Thieve- immune booster and disinfectant.  You can mix and use these in your own way.  

8. Bath Tub Seat- Most kids love baths and this seat was the best thing i found.  It also was great for in sink baths.  Its like a bumbo but suctions to the bath tub or sink.  

9. Sound Machine- I went through 2 sound machines and this one has become my favorite.  It has multiple sounds, timer. Our house has very thin walls and this sound machine helps to mute any other sounds in our house.  I also really believe must is a way to relax and shut your mind off.  I’ve always slept with sound on to help me calm down.  This also runs on batteries so when we go to hotels to stay we can bring it and leave the cord at home.

10.Beco Butterfly II- I love wearing my kids.  I’m a busy mom so being hands free is a must.  I tried a few different carriers and with different aged children and this one is my favorite.  The straps are cushioned and comfortable.  The child is held close to you but able to look around.  It comes in so many different patterns. The straps stay put so you dont always have to adjust your strips either.  A few other carriers i like are ring slings for infants and mei tai.


Hope you  check out these products if you haven’t used them already.  

Have a great week!!

Asenath XoXoX…

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