My #1 Fashion Tip!

So yeah, hmm, style…

I am really not sure how I managed to land myself a style post. I rock that I-have-three-kids-under-5-at-home-and-I-don’t-sleep-through-the-night look.

You know what I am talking about right? 

It can’t be just me, rocking the yoga pants, the baseball tee, and the messy bun (you know the one that’s messy cause you haven’t brushed your hair in three days, not the one that’s messy cause it is cute).

I don’t often wear makeup, and my only truly mastered hairstyle is wearing it straight and down! So this probably wont be the style post you are expecting…

Its is so easy to live your life comparing yourself to other. I do it. I know a lot of other people who do. Y’all know what I mean. Those thoughts of “if only I were thin like her, I’d be happy then!”, the “her life is perfect, she’s so put together, her life is so neat, she’d never like me!” thoughts.

I can remember hiding out in corners because I felt like I didn’t measure up to this women that were so much thinner, prettier, wealthier than I was. I remember beating myself up, I felt like I had to be just like them to fit in. I can remember that horrible inner voice, MY INNER VOICE. This women weren’t saying “she’s not like us, we don’t like her” or “she can’t fit into a size two, she’s not worth our time.” I was doing that. I was comparing myself to these women and worst than that I was talking for them!

Proverbs 14:30 A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.

I’ve learned a lot about self love since then. I’ve learned that God didn’t create us with a spirit of comparison. That regardless of how much make up I wear, how well I’m “put together”, or even my weight, I am no less loved! God loves me, my husband loves me, my children love me, and I love me! 

So if I had to leave you with any style advice it would be to just be you! If you want to get all dolled up to stay home you do that, if you want to wear yoga pants all the time don’t let anyone convince you otherwise! Be you all the time, ’cause God made you to be exactly who you are! We weren’t created to all be the same!  


You are unique! 

You are one of a kind! 



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