More than Just a Mom…

I struggled for years with what I wanted to do for myself in life. 

I often felt like I lost a piece of who I was in the day to day task of life. Between laundry, dishes, changing dirty diapers, and making sure everyone is healthy and fed, I felt like I had no idea who I was as Drena any more. 

My husband challenged me to find a hobby, to simply find something I truly enjoyed! So I began learning to sew. His momma showed me a few things, but for the most part what I know I’ve taught myself. 

I began joining sewing groups on facebook. I wanted to learn more! I was in love with making things for my little girls! It was in my sewing groups that I was introduced to the magical world of vinyl! You see there were all these women who were putting these cool images on shirts and I was fascinated! So I dug a little and figured out they were using cricuts and silhouettes to do! So I joined a ton of groups about those machines!! 

I spent almost a year stalking those groups, learning what I could! Playing with the design software, and begging my husband to get me one!! Finally during a really great cyber Monday sale we found a deal we couldn’t pass up! 

I began making things for friends! Things they were sharing photos of, such as car decals! Which lead to others asking me to make them things! I never expected my hobby to turn into a business, but it did!!

Now my girls help me work, and I get to create special items that mean so much to others! I’ve become a registered LLC in Iowa, and my husband and I are closer than ever, especially since he’s my business advisor! 

I am happier, busier, but definitely happier! Not because I have a business, but because I’m doing something I enjoy, for myself! I feel like I get to be mom and I get to be Drena as well! 



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