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Mississippi Mud Cookies (With a Dash of Memories!)

Growing up in the South, it’s hard to steer clear of the cakes and cookies. There’s always someone’s Mama, Auntie, Cousin or Granny forcing you to eat from their kitchen. And by God, if you turn it down, you’ll wish you hadn’t!

Now, as the direct descendant of one of the finest cooks the Arkansas Delta had ever saw, you can guess I’ve had my fair share of delicious southern treats; but, this recipe I’m about to share with you trumps all the recipes I’ve ever partaken in.

It’s fast.

It’s easy.

And…It’s a real memory maker- in the way that it brings the whole family together in the kitchen.

Y’all. I have memories that go way back, before I even started Kindergarten, sittin’ on top of my Granny’s kitchen counter, feet a-danglin’, heart a-poundin’, mouth droolin’… just waitin’ on that Godly Mississippi Mud Cookie mix to get done boilin so we could get it out on the wax paper!

Memories like that time Granny told me not to touch the hot stove that was cookin’ those mud cookies and I did it anyway. Man, I burnt the holy Moses out of myself. And I cried out in pain. My Granny ran back in and before she even rounded the corner, (I remember this as if it were yesterday!), she said, “Now I told ya not to touch the stove but a hard head makes a soft behind!” She then made me go pull a hickory switch from that worn out tree in the backyard and she licked me a few times. Y’all, I didn’t touch a stove again until I was learning to cook on one! HAHA.

Now, my Granny cooked just about everything under the stars, and there wasn’t a day that went by that she wasn’t in the kitchen, cookin’ her little heart out. I remember to this day, this woman cooked 3 course meals at every meal. I wish I could be a fourth of the woman she was! Amongst the kids we played with on our road, several would come out of the wood works when that sweet old woman would yell to us that cookies were ready to eat. Granny’s Mississippi Mud Cookies were famous in our small piece of earth. The town knew her formally as the wife of the Chief of Police, but more often than not, people referred to her as the “cookie” woman. 


Without further adieu, here’s my Granny’s famous Mississippi Mud Cookie recipe. Lord knows, that poor woman is probably turnin’ over in her grave while I’m sharing this family relic! Now this is comin’ straight from the torn out newspaper scrap she wrote it on, and for all y’all that don’t understand the southern slang, I’ll do my best to translate:


About 2 handfuls Sugar (2 cups)
Quarter glass Milk (½ cup)
½ Stick butter
Heaping Cocoa Powder (4 tbsp.)
Quarter glass Peanut Butter (½ cup)
Dash of Vanilla (1 tsp)
3 cups of Quick Oats (yes, actually 3 cups)

In a heavy sauce pan mix sugar, milk, butter, and c. powder then bring to a rolling boil. Boil 1 minute and remove from heat.

Add peanut butter, vanilla, and oats. Mix it up good.

Drop a dollop of the mix with a spoon onto wax paper and let it stiffen up. Put in a butter bowl when cooled off to keep em fresh.


That’s all there is to it, folks! I promise, you’ll have a swarm of people in the kitchen with a sweet tooth after this hits the stove. The smell these cookies will put through the house is out of this world amazing. 

Let’s hope Granny doesn’t haunt me in my sleep tonight for putting her recipe out there for the world to see! 

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