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Let them be little…

Some days I forget how little my kids truly are.  
Their innocents is astounding and it is my responsibility to protect it. 

We had an incident come up this week, (I’ll spare you the details) that reminded me of how young my children really are! 
I struggle with the right balance for my children. I want to teach them to be independent, I want them to be productive and mature, and I desperately want to know that if by chance I die before they are grown they will grow and add something to society. 
But am I making them grow up too fast? Am I robbing them of their childhood, stealing pieces of their innocence? 
I find myself growing frustrated when my children act like, well, children. By the end of the day I’m touched out, whined out, just plain wore out! And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. 

Motherhood is hard. Figuring out how to shape these little innocent people is probably the toughest thing I have ever done! (Guess we will see in a few years how well they turn out!)

Momma, those babies need us. I’m reminded that I need to pay attention to those silly little stories that take 10 days to tell, and some days my littles just need a little extra love-ins.

My babies aren’t always going to need me like they do right now. They won’t always come up to me and demand that I hold them. One day I’m gonna pick them up for the last time, and there isn’t anything more important than taking time and letting my children be little for a while longer. 
The world is pushing my children to grow up. Kids now days seem to be getting older so darn fast (and I thought my generation grew up too quickly), I don’t need to make them grow up faster than they have too! 
Though she be but little, she is fierce!

They are little, and oh so fierce, but Im going to strive to let them be little just a little longer, while encouraging to keep that sense of fierceness! 

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