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Kids’ Favorite Macaroni Salad!

In our house on of our go to meals is Macaroni salad! I make this a few times a month, and often will just eat it for supper. 

It’s great for when it’s so hot out you just don’t wanna cook or eat hot food! Growing up in the south, that was a regular thing. 

My kids love it! 

You will need:

  1. Macaroni noodles
  2. Tuna
  3. Mayo
  4. Cucumber
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Hard boiled eggs optional 

Start by boiling your noodles to your preferred doneness and in a separate pan hard boil your eggs.  When your noodles are strain and run under cold water til noodles are cool to the touch. Add noodles to large mixing bowl. Open and drain your can of tuna. Add tuna to noodles. I prefer tuna in water but you are free to use whatever you’d like! (Can chicken works also). Dice as many cucumbers and tomatoes as you would like.( For a 16oz bag of macaroni I use 2 medium tomatoes and 1 cucumber). Add diced cucumbers and tomatoes to the noodles. Add diced hard boiled eggs if you have them. Add enough mayo to lightly coat the salad and stir! You are welcome to season with whatever you’d like! I like to use season salt and garlic with a few pinches of sugar as my husband like his on the sweeter side! 


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