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I never chose my job

When I graduated High School in 2008 I was sure that becoming a teacher was exactly what I wanted to do.  My grandma was a teacher and I wanted to be just like her.  In my whole life I always strive to be just like someone.  In middle school I wanted to play trumpet because that’s what my cousin played.  In high school I was very involved in music and gave up learning spanish because I felt like music would take me farther, because that’s what I was told.  

After I started my freshman year at Kirkwood Community College, studying elementary education, I realized this wasn’t for me.  I hated school.  I didn’t like my college teachers.  I was living with my Dad at the time and things weren’t going so well anyways.  So at this point a friend had told me to check out Rosedale Bible College.  They had a 6 week term they call their “J” term.  They suggested I go there, get away for a while.  Figure out what I wanted.  So I went.

I ended up staying at Rosedale for “J” term and the spring semester.  This was probably one of the big “milestones” in my life.  Rosedale allowed me to figure out who I was.   I didn’t really know anyone, which forced me to make friends and find out where I was in my life.  I had to fully rely on God at this point.  I was living 8 hours away from my parents, no job, no friends.  The schooling was hard.  Harder than I had ever been pushed to do.  And I was not there for the schooling at all.  I was really only at this school to figure out my life.  I’ll be honest I don’t think I really did find out who I wanted to be but I do believe that that school shaped me to where I am today.  

So, I left after graduation at Rosedale.  I came home and moved in with my mom.  My mom said as long as I wasn’t going to school I had to work and pay rent.  YEP!! I payed rent to my mom.  I worked at the local diner in town but hated it.  I knew this wasn’t what I was going to do forever.  So I found a job at the Iowa Mennonite School as a custodian.  This job was something to give me more time to decide what I wanted to do.  I was also engaged at this time so I needed a job to build up some money.  Working at the school allowed me move out and live on my own. They had a house for staff on campus so I could walk to work every day!  After working there for a year I, I was married and needed a job that I enjoyed.  

I had a friend at that time who was working in Iowa City at a day hab. facility for mentally handicapped people and she said I should apply.  So I did.  I got the job and started in June right after I got back from my honeymoon.  I loved this job. I got to color, swim, and have fun during the day. I fell in love with the individuals there.  

After working there two years Craig and I decided one of us needed to go to school and figure out what we were going to do with our lives.  I was becoming mentally drained with my job and Craig was having a hard time getting payed full time pay.  During this time I was also pregnant and knew we needed a change.  Little did we know God was steering our pot and we were in for a huge change.  

I decided I was going to go to cosmetology school.  This career would allow me to be flexible with my kids schedule. I could have an easier time getting off work if needed.  If was a job my parents always told me I would never enjoy.  But after lots of prayer I did it.  

I attended La James International College.  I chose La James because they offered an online program where all your book work was done online.  So I only had to go into school 3 days a week.  So that meant I only had to have a sitter for 1 day!  I fell in love with the work! 

I’ve always loved doing hair and make-up.  Nails eventually became my “specialty.”  I loved the freedom and creativity I was given.  It’s really actually hard for me to explain why I love my job so much.  

As I got closer to my graduation of school, which only took me 12 months, I started thinking about my business and the name. Silly as it sounds I went to Yahoo to figure it out. I asked yahoo and someone popped up with the business name BIABO.  It stood for Beauty Inside and Beauty Outside.  I knew immediately that was it.  My whole purpose and mission I felt, was and is to help people feel good about themselves inside and out.  

So I graduated!!! YAY!!

I started my business in rural town Iowa. Population 1500.  Low income families.  It’s been tough but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I’ve met so many people and they have changed my life in so many ways.  After I worked there for about a year I was offered a job to “run” my own salon just up the street from where I was working.  I thought this was a better opportunity for myself and my business.  Let’s just say it wasn’t a bad decision but it wasn’t a good one either.  My business didn’t grow as much as I had hoped.  Long story short, I now work from home.  

As I look at the last 4 years and where I was and where I have come.  I see God’s plan and his full intentions.  I would never have imagined myself being a stay at home/working mom.  I had always wanted to end at the point but never thought it’d be so soon.  Being a SAHM and working is way harder than any other job in this world.  I cry way more now than when I worked a real job.  I’m emotionally drained but also on the other end I’m so happy with where I am.  I wouldn’t trade this time with my kids and being able to watch them grow and teach them things.  I love being a mom!!  God has blessed me with two beautiful children that I am able to raise to be amazing people.  Yes I love working with people also and doing hair, nails or any other salon treatment someone would like.  I love doing it.  But being a mom has been the most fulfilling job of my life.


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Have a fabulous weekend!    ~Asenath  XoXoX…

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