Garden Tea

Before moving to Iowa and meeting my husband I had no idea what this Garden Tea stuff was, but here I am sharing my husbands favorite recipe! 

Garden Tea is a made from spearmint plants we grow it in our yard. It is a hardy plant that requires very little maintenance and spreads like wildfire! It’s easy to start your own patch and you can get many batches throughout the season with one small patch! 

I cut my plants before they start to seed. (When they seed they develop little white clusters at the top of the plant). Next I wash my tea before I start plucking the leaves from the stems. 

Once my leaves have been removed from the stems I pack them into freezer bag to freeze dry. I typically let them stay in the freezer for at least a week before I use them, but have also used them as soon as the next day. 

When it comes to actually making the tea, it’s super easy! 

We take a small saucepan add in about a cup of leaves and fill the pan with water. My husband likes his a little on the sweeter side so I add about a cup of sugar to a gallon jar. Once the tea has seeped for about 15 minutes I let it cool down a bit before pouring through a strainer into the jar. I then shake to dissolve the sugar before filling the jug the rest of the way with cool  water. 

And that’s it! Chill and enjoy!!! 

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