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Faith and Fear

Let’s talk a little bit about fears y’all!

And I’m not talking about that “fear” your kids are gonna throw a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store, or your 5 year old isn’t gonna ever stop eating her boogers.

I’m talking real, gut wrenching, chill ya to the bone fear.

What are you carrying around?

For me, I struggled with fear hardcore.

Everywhere I went I carried this huge pack of fears!

I was afraid of what might have been in the dark.

I was afraid of rejection.

I was afraid of dying.

But mostly I was afraid of being forgotten.

I carried these things with me like a tumor on my back. They at one time felt like they were apart of who I was. There wasn’t a separation. This things guided my life, they influenced decisions, they affected my thought process. Because of fear I chose to do things I’m not proud of!

I lived like this until one day, God got a hold of my heart, and made me realize that fear I let rule my life wasn’t healthy for me. It wasn’t doing me nor my children any good.

It was and still is a hard thing to do, to turn over all my fears and replace them completely with faith. But everyday I am learning to live my faith. I laid my fears down at His feet, and I backed away. I accepted that I can’t do everything on my own and I don’t have to live in constant fear.

We are taught that fears are an everyday part of life, and we deal with them from a pretty early age.

My 2 year old is afraid of the automatic toilets.

My 5 year old is often afraid of the dark.

My girls are both fearful of bugs, and snakes, and other creepy crawlers.

Just as I hold my two year old while she pees on the pots, God’s got his arms out wide saying I’ll keep you safe.

When my 5 year old is afraid, we hold hands, and we pray and ask God to keep her safe and out of harms way, and to protect her. But are we saying those prayers for our fears too?

Tho y’all I’m maybe not fearful she won’t but for real will this child ever stop eating her boogers?!?!

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