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DIY: Organization

Everyone has that one closet in their house that always becomes cluttered.  It stores everything that you need.  We have a small house.  So we only have 2 hall closets that are big enough to hold a family of fours junk.  So in this closet I decided to finally organize, we keep our sheets, medicine, first aids, toilet paper, candles, a few decorations, and a few odds and ends.  I try and keep this closet some what organized but never fail my family always messes it up. 

I LOVE organizing things, my pantry, closets, my basement; you name it i’ll organize it.  Sometimes I purposely make things messy, like my basement, just so I can organize them. (this is my next HUGE project) Organization brings me some kind of satisfaction.  A clarity of some kind.  I can be messy, and mess usually stresses me out, but that relief of making something clean or new again is just amazing.

I like to try and go through my closets at least twice a year. This allows me to throw stuff out that I’m not using or has gone bad.  Since my house is small, getting rid of things is key to less clutter and more space.

So here it is my mess of a closet.  Some of you are like, “What? That’s nothing!”  but to me this is messy, at least for this closet.  (don’t check my pantry)  

I dont really have any secret way or fancy way of cleaning and organizing my closets.  I literally just haul a few shelves out and dump it on my bed. I go through things, refold items if needed. and take things to the basement that dont have to be up here. 

So I started at the top and worked my way down. Top two shelves I kept a couple diffuser boxes, an air pump, and my sheets and towels. 

I refolded my sheets and found two sets in my dryer and folded those.  I went through my pillow cases and found a few i could get rid of and a few that belonged in my kid’s sheets.  I decided towels didn’t need to stay upstairs anymore because my family doesn’t really take baths. 

I usually, when cleaning my house, make a basket of stuff that needs to be moved down stairs.  This helps me to make sure it gets there.  It also helps with having to make too many trips.

After I folded and figured out the things that needed back into the closet I put them back into the closet to allow space on my bed.

I found totes are key to organization!!  These are a few extra I had around my house.  My favorite totes are from Ikea!  They collapse, for easy storage when they aren’t needed and they are a great size.  

This next shelf was my medicine shelf.  I also did the shelf below that had a few medications but was more of the extra cosmetic things we need.  I placed things in categories.  I had essential oils, kids medicine, first aid, oral medication, topical, spa, bathroom cosmetics and miscellaneous.  I thin labeled them as I placed them on the shelves.  I moved a few things to my bathroom cabinet to allow for less things in my hall closet. My spa stuff, and the bathroom cosmetics moved.  

These two shelves are my most stressed but most fun to organize.  I go through all the meds and supplies and wonder why in the world did we buy this, or why in the world do we still have this!! 

This shelf had all my candles, and waxes for my Scentsy in them along with votive, and a few candle holders.  This shelf stays pretty organized but I have an almost 3 year old boy who has turned into Mr. Distructo and felt I needed to move a few things around.  This is also another great reason to go through and organize closets. Since my kids are growing taller I felt it was time I moved my stuff higher on the shelves so they can’t get into things.  I’m not a mom who puts locks on doors, or freaks out if they open that specific door. I feel kids need to learn so for now we allow them to get into the closet to get a bandaid or fill the toilet paper.  This allows them to know what they can and can’t get into.   

Now comes for the satisfying part of this post!!  

So I moved all my big glass, Partylite decorations to the top shelf where no child can reach them.  I fold all my sheets together and stick them in one of the pillow cases to contain all of them and then placed my extra pillow cases beside them.  I put all of my “dangerous” medication next.  this level is about to my shoulders so it’s high enough my kids can’t reach.  I labeled everything so my husband doesn’t have to always ask me where “this” or “that” is.  

We moved the first aid and essential oils to a level the kids can reach.  My kids love helping each other when they are hurt so this allows them to reach and help without having to have mom all the time.  

Lastly was the candles and votives.  I’m actually excited because this shelf became larger all of a sudden when I moved all my big glass stuff.  Now I can add more decorations or candles to my “stash.”  

Organization is not for everyone.  So don’t stress if someone else has a cleaner house than yours. Really don’t do it.  It takes time and you may need help.  I love organizing and doing it for others is fun also.  

I was in a huge organizing mood that day so I ended up organizing two of my cabinets in my kitchen. Also because I needed to see what all I had in them and had an easier access to my things. 

I hope you have a FABULOUS Memorial Day Weekend! (It’s my Anniversary!!)  Make sure you have Subscribed for updates on new posts!! 

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Be Blessed!!

Asenath XoXoX…

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