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DIY: Laundry Soap

Lets talk laundry; the never ending cycle of wear, dirty, wash, dry, fold (or dont), put away (or dont) and repeat.   I probably do 5-7 loads a week give or take.  I do sort my laundry in 5 sometimes 6 categories: white, color, dark, delicate or hand-wash, towels, and then sheets.  Depending on how many towels and sheets there are I will do them together.   I wash all my clothes in cold water but for towels and sheets I wash in Hot.

When I got pregnant with my oldest the craze of having good chemical free laundry soap was going around.  When I searched Pinterest for a chemical free laundry soap this is the recipe I found.  I have altered it for my own needs and like what I have come up with. We are now a family of 4, I have my salon in my home, my kids think underwear and socks need changing every hour, and my husband has heavy EMT clothing, so finding a cheap, good laundry soap was important to me.

Here is the recipe I use now:  Chemical Free Laundry Soap:  76 oz box of Borax (I use 20 Mule),  55oz box of Super Washing Soda, and a 4lb box of Baking Soda.

So I love finding out why we use what we use.  What makes this soap chemical free?  Why are these ingredients so great?

“Borax helps as a stain remover,  Borax (also known as sodium borate decahydrate; sodium pyroborate; birax; sodium tetraborate decahydrate; sodium biborate) is a natural mineral compound (Na2B4O7 • 10H2O).”

Super Washing Soda, isn’t it the same as Baking Soda? NOPE!  “Washing soda, aka sodium carbonate (or soda ash), is a natural cleaner and a powerful water softener. It’s very basic with a pH of 11. The Environmental Working Group gives it an “A” on their scale, so it passes with flying colors, making it safe and non-toxic”

And lastly, Baking soda. it helps whiten our whites and soften our water so we use less detergent.

So what’s the difference between washing soda and baking soda? “The difference between baking soda and washing soda is water and carbon dioxide. Seriously. Baking soda’s chemical makeup is NaHCO3 (1 sodium, 1 hydrogen, 1 carbon, and 3 oxygen molecules). Washing soda’s chemical makeup is Na2CO3 (2 sodium, 1 carbon, and 3 oxygen molecules). When baking soda is heated up to high temperatures, it breaks down to become washing soda, water steam, and carbon dioxide.”  

Fels-Naptha. Did you say it right? Fels-Naptha contains solvents that dissolves greasy stains, including oil and grease, perspiration, chocolate, baby formula and cosmetics.

 Enough with the science class. Now onto Home Economics class.

What you need is a large bowl, or bucket.  I use Tupperware’s 59 cup bowl to mix it all together.

Next dump all three box contents into the bowl. Make sure you either wear a mask when you dump everything in or hold your breath and walk away for a minute like I do.

Mix everything together.  Make sure to use a sturdy spoon so it doesn’t break. If there are chunks, try, and break them up.  It’s hard to tell but try and stir it for about 3-5 min to ensure good blending of all the compounds.


And that’s it, your done!  I know it’s not chemical free, but I now have started adding Purex scent boosters.  I buy the 48 oz container and stir it in also.  You can also add in oxy clean for those dirty loads.

Storage:  I store my laundry soap in Tupperware’s Mega That’s-a-bowl.  It’s 42 cups. You will need to have it sealed with a lid so no moisture gets in or it will harden.

I use 1 Tablespoon for each load.  For more dirtier loads use two.  I have a front loading washer and I just put it in where the laundry soap goes.

Let’s break this down. This is my favorite part!

This Laundry Soap costs $10-$15 depending where you get your supplies.  It makes 195 oz total with just these 3 ingredients. That’s 390 tbsps.

So I took $15 divided by 390 and that equals out to be $.04 a LOAD!!!

Here are some comparisons:

Tide:  150 oz = 96 loads $17.94 @   $.19 a load

Seventh generation: 150 oz = 99 loads  $19.99 $.20 a load

Young Living. 32 oz =64 loads  $37.83 (retail)   $.59 a load

We all have our opinions on laundry soap. What we like and what we dont like.   Laundry never ends so for my family this works!  It’s cheap, easy to make, and lasts a really long time.  Like I said in the beginning, I’ve only made this a total of 3 times in the last 5 years.

So try it out.  You dont like it?  Get a cute container and give it as a graduation present!

Have a blessed week!



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