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Dear Younger Me

I drove home the other day with the windows down and music blaring My mind was on the road, and getting myself home as quickly as I could to be home with my babies. I wanted nothing more than to give them a big ole hug, and squeeze them tight!
I was reminded about how fleeting life can be, about how little time we have here in this place. Earlier this week I had the privilege of helping in a small way at a funeral for a young man in our community. I couldn’t help but be reminded of where I myself was 14 years prior (almost to the day) when my brothers and I lives were changed.

Dear Younger Me,

Sometimes you’ll be the mom, taking care of your children, running your household, delivering the kisses to the skinned up knees and elbows. While other times you’ll be the 12 year old girl longing for the arms of her momma simply wishing to be told what to do next.

Sometimes you’ll be on top of the world and at other times you’ll feel like you’re being crushed by it.

Sometimes life is gonna seem unfair. You’re gonna make mistakes, and people you thought were forever won’t be.

You’re gonna get hurt. Your heart gonna feel like it’s crumbling and you’ll wonder if it is all worth the pain.

You’re gonna want to run and never look back. You may even wish that you could just disappear.

I can’t shelter you from all that pain, I wouldn’t anyway. You don’t know it yet but these hardships are shaping you and your life. You’re going to look back and see everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for you and it is beautiful!

You’re gonna find great love one day, and that sadness is gonna fade. Jesus is going to wrap his arms around you and he’s going to pull you closer to him. He’s going to bless you with arms that hold you together when your life feels like it’s crashing down all around you.

Oh, love, your heart is going to break and it’s going to be repaired hundreds of times. You’re going to wonder if these dents and breaks will change you for the worst, but younger me, they are going to be what make this soul of yours so much more beautiful!

You’ll more than just survive life! You’re going to live it! You’re going to do wonderful things, and you’re going to know great love! You will meet other beautiful souls, and you’ll learn so much about life!

You’re gonna me just fine!

Older You!

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