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Dear Littles, Mommy has some advice…

Dear Little Ones,

There are so many things I have learned over the years. I’ve learned that I can go a long time without showering, and I don’t need near as much sleep as I thought I did. I’ve learned I can sleep through multiple alarms, but I will wake up from a deep sleep from a baby sigh. 

I’ve learned to have a few good easy recipes on hand! I’ve learned not all friends are real, and just because it shines doesn’t mean it is Gold! I’ve learned forgiveness is sometimes more for you than the other person, and life can be hard! 

I’ve learned that falling in love with someone is often easy, but truly making a relationship work and making love last is a battle. Some days are easier than others, and love can sometimes be a choice. But I have also learned there’s not much greater than true, unfiltered, passionate Love!

I’ve learned our hearts and our heads don’t always see eye to eye, and we are often misguided by our feelings. I’ve learned to see the best in people, because I’d want them to always look for the best in me! I’ve learned that asking for help takes a lot of courage, it’s not a sign of weakness. 

Of all the things I have learned and all the things I will teach you, I hope this sticks with you the most! 

Live in the moment, live right now! Nothing is forever. 

Don’t worry too much about the past! We cannot change what has happened, we can only live and learn, and grow from our mistakes or pain. Focusing on what could have been or what should have been doesn’t do anything but make us miserable!

I’ve spent a lot of time focused on my past. Worrying about what I could have done differently, asking myself if I should have said something different. I’ve beat myself up over “what if’s” and spent years in a deep depression. And you know what it changed? Nothing. When we focused too much on our past, we don’t leave a lot of time for our present or our future. It’s like rereading the same book over and over again and expecting a different ending. 

While looking too far into our future robs us of the right now. And my loves right now is a wonderful thing, it truly is a blessing! Sometimes we focus so much on Tomorrow! We are constantly hoping and waiting for tomorrow. Tomorrow comes with promises of better things, and new adventures, and clean slates. Tomorrow is exciting and holds a little bit of the unknown. But my loves tomorrow always turns into Today! There, Lord willing, are always going to be Tomorrows, but this moment right now only comes once! 

You my loves, you only get one childhood. It is ever fleeting. Andreana, I feel like I’ve just but barely blinked and here you are 5 years old! Long gone is the baby girl I brought home from the hospital, the child who first made me a mommy! You’ve grown and turned into the little lady. 

Scarlett, you are already 2! And I’m not sure how that happened! I’m with you everyday and I still feel like it hasn’t been long enough for you to be two! You’re growing like wildflowers! 

And Henry! Oh Henry! You’re becoming mobile, and you laugh and play! You’re already showing your own opinions and desires! That newborn stage went so quickly! And this infant stage is going just as fast! 

You are all growing and changing everyday. Andreana you count down the birthdays til your birthday, and can’t wait for yours to come around again! You ask me all the time how long til I’m as old as Margaret. (My youngest sister in law, she’s 9.)  

My point is, you’ve grown so much so quickly already. You grow older by the minute! There’s no point in trying to rush into the next stage any faster than you have too! You’ll get there fast enough on your own. 

So my lovies, learn to live for the right now! Enjoy relationships now, enjoy all the stages of your life. Learn to slow down and not rush from one stage to the next! Because one day you are truly going to look back and wish you took more time to smell the roses, or enjoy the sunset. You are going to wish you had more time with your family, and wish you created more memories! So do it now loves, do it now, don’t wait!

I love you!



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