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BIABO Salon & Spa-Step by Step Color Process

Welcome to BIABO Salon & Spa.  Here we welcome you with smiles and possible a messy house.  I have an in-home salon which allows me to work and stay home with my kids at the same time! It’s AWESOME!!!  We’re laid back, fun and here to make your day better!   BIABO stands for Beauty Inside And Beauty Outside.  That is my mission.  So come on in coffee is always on, drinks are always cold.  

My lovely friend Drena Eicher came to me wanting to try something fun and new. When we normally color her hair we color it a coco-cola red, or try and go more natural or sometimes even lighten it. This time she wanted to step out of the norm and do something fun and exciting.

This is  Mrs. Eicher’s beloved before pictures.  She has a reddish brown level 5, on her hair.  Her roots are a natural level 4.5.  To you non-cosmetology readers, level refers to the lightness or darkness of the hair.  10 being the lightest and 1 being the darkest.

Drena sent me a few inspiration photos and we talked about the colors we wanted to you before we started everything.  We had a game plan.  If you would like to see our inspiration click HERE and Here.

We started by sectioning all of Drena’s hair that would be bleached to lighted her natural hair color.

I them applied bleach to all the sectioned piece and put them in foil.  Drena’s hair sometimes take a few processes to reach the desired level so we wanted to apply the bleach first to allow maximum time.  Drena has course, thick hair and she holds a lot of red in her hair and so to be able to get it to the true blond (a level 10 or higher) we sometimes have to do two to three extra processes.

I then applied her color.  We used 1oz of 5N, 2oz of 5NW and 2oz of 7NW and 20V.  You’re probably like “WHAT?”   So this is what’s called the formulation.  This is what differentiates us from your store bought color.  We are able to customize the color just for YOU!!  We look at your hair and determine the right amount of color and developer for your hair type and texture.  We then let the hair process for 30 min.  

After everything processed we washed and dried the blonde sections so we could apply the fantasy colors. 

Here are the colors we used in her hair.  We used Joico’s Purple .  Joico Mermaid Blue.  And Joico Mint.  We added a tiny strip of pink in the front.  We used Pravana Locked-In Pink and Magenta, 50/50.  

We washed the color and conditioned after the colors processed for 25 min.  We leave them in a bit longer for a bit more of a bolder color.  We then dried all the hair.  The colors were not as bold as we had hoped so we did a second process of the colors.  

This time we used Rusks Deep Shine Direct in Teal and then also used Rusks Blue. We reapplied the purple. This time we used Pravana Locked-In Purple, and Pravana Violet.  The colors became more bold and have a better look against her new hair color. 

The following pictures are the finished product before styling. 

Styling:  I used a 1.25′ curling iron.  I sprayed Drena’s hair with Redken’s Iron Shape heat spray first before applying any styling tool.  We then proceeded to curl her hair.  You can check out the video of how we styled Drena’s hair Here.

Here are the Final photos.

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