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Better Than Me

There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t hear “Moooooommmmmm, can you…” “Moooommmmmm, I need….” Or “Moooommmm, will you…..” about 8,000,000 times a day. I mean come on y’all! Their dad can be sitting on the couch and they will come ask me for milk while I am upstairs in the bath! And while more times than not, it can be frustrating, I find myself jealous of my husband when my children request certain things from Henry, rather than from me!

If you ask my children what is daddy better at than mom, this is what my oldest will tell you:

Andreana: “Daddy makes the best corn, and mac-n-cheese, and steak! Oh and the best fish sticks. And dad is better at dressing than you!”

(Apparently my children don’t appreciate my daily look of leggings or yoga pants, and baseball tees!)

While he is amazing with his grill, there are definetly things he is better than me at!

He is the master of bed time and nap time!

He is the better driver and always puts my parking to shame!

He has a mind for business that I can only wish for!

But what he is best at is Love!

I know that sounds weird. Like how can someone be better at love?!?!

Well this is how!

He is the first to forgive, and the last to bring up past arguments. He is the first to turn the other cheek, even when his heart is breaking. He’s prone to ask about others’ feelings, even when he knows he is right about something!

He’s compassionate and he’s caring. He almost always puts others needs before his own, and would give the shirt off of his back to anyone in need. He is the first to pick up on clues  that something isn’t quite the way it should be, and always makes an attempt to fix it!

He’s sensitive and he’s sweet. He always has a listening ear, and is willing to help if you need him. There are lots of times that he picks up on things that I am going through before I even say a word about it. He’s always there when I need him, with a hug waiting for me. He always seems to know what to say and when I need to be held!

And most of all he is so much more trusting than I! He doesn’t have as many walls to knock down and he doesn’t guard his heart as much as I seem to!

He loves me and he loves our children! He’s helped me knock down walls and has helped lead me closer and closer to God! His help shows me what true love is and for that I am truly blessed! One day I hope my children recognize the love their daddy spreads to the world and I hope they learn from him.


(P.S. Most of the time if we are going in public, he does truly dress better than I do! :/ )

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