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BBQ Green beans!

I remember the first time I heard of bbq green beans. I was having lunch with my husband’s family before we got married!

His mom set this pan of green beans on the table, and my husband excitedly insisted I try them! “They are the best!” I remember him saying!

I very clearly remember thinking ” who in their right mind would put bbq sauce on GREEN BEANS!

Reluctantly I ate some, and it was love at first bite!

Now it’s our go to dish for bbqs, family get together, and pot lucks!

The Recipe

I start with the onions and bacon first. Dice a small-medium onion, and half a pack of bacon. Thicker cut bacon is preferable, but we use whatever is on hand. When everything is cut up we fry them until crisp!

Bacon and onions

Next is make that delicious homemade bbq sauce! Our family usually does 1.5 cups of ketchup and 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Heat throughly, so the brown sugar dissolves.

Ketchup and brown sugar

Finally it’s time to get to the green bean part! Personal preferences is to use French cut green beans but we were all out. So we opted to use just regular cut beans. Open your cans, drain the beans, and mix everything together! Bake at 350 degree for 20 mins and you’re done! Tho if in a hurry then you can totally just warm it all up together on the stove!


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