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10 Things I Want My Children To Know

1. You are beautiful! God created you and He doesn’t make ugly! One day you may not like how your hair lays, or the shape of your body. You might not always feel attractive, but girls you’ll always be beautiful! Yall’s hearts shine so innocent and pure and beauty is more than skin deep! And Henry R, boys can be beautiful too! Y’all will always be three of my greatest blessings!

2. Always be kind. You never know how your actions will impact those around you. A candles flame will never go out by lighting another candle, so don’t worry about not having enough kindness! Make sure your sharing positivity rather than discontent. A small gesture of kindness could change the world one day!

3. Doing the right thing is never wrong. The world might try to convince you otherwise, and while the right thing is often hard, it’s never wrong.

4. Let your yes’s be yes’s and you no’s be no’s! Do what you say you’re going to do. Stick to your word. We don’t have a whole lot other than our word, let it mean something!

5. Practice Grace and learn to forgive !! The only perfect person on this earth died on a cross for our sins, none of us are perfect. We are all going to mess up at some point. Be patient, practice grace and forgive, one day your going to want someone to do the same for you.

6. It’s okay to have a bad day, it is okay to cry and even okay to break down a little, or a lot! But it’s not okay to unpack and live there. Sometimes life isn’t “fair”, as much as I’d love to be able to shield you from all the pain and hurt in the world, I won’t be able too. Baby girls pick yourself up, dust off, and give it all to God! He will be your strength!

7. Choose quality over quantity! Through out life your friend groups will change, some people will come while others will go, and it’s okay! Your worth will not come from how many friends you have. Being popular isn’t all that important! A handful of I’ve got your back friends will bring about more joy and happiness and security than 100 acquaintance friends. Choose the quality over quantity.

8. Love deeply! Never be afraid of loving others too much. Always love unconditionally! With a whole lot of love and grace we could see a world transformed by God! Love your neighbor even when you don’t want too, whether or not you feel like they deserve! Be authentic in your love. Show God like love whenever you can! For as he loves you, you should love others!

9. Follow your dreams! Have dreams, set goals, continue to strive for a better you every single day! Go on that missions trip, take that class, learn a new hobby. Whatever it is at least try it! Continue to LEARN! My daddy always said when we stop learning we stop living! So babies live and learn and love!

10. Have fun! Life isn’t just bills and responsibilities. Let your hair down, put your feet in the mud, feel the wind on your face! Take time to appreciate the little things. Enjoy every moment. Find the good in ever single day!

And a bonus:

Remember that I love you! I always will!



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