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10 Things I Hope My Husband Knows

1. I hope you know that for always and forever, I will always choose you.No matter what comes our way or who may ever try to come between us, I will continue to choose you!

2. There’s nothing that warms my heart quite the way you do when you search for me in your sleep!

3. Your morning breath is atrocious, but I sure do love those as soon as I open my eyes kisses.

4. I love that you keep my secrets safe, you share my burdens, and protect me! You don’t make me feel like I’m inferior, or weaker, or less than you, when you do it.

5. Tho I give you a hard time, I really love that you need things from me that only I can provide you.

6. You are an amazing daddy, and it warms my heart whenever I step back and watch you just be Dad! Whether it be you reading to the kids, playing with them, working with them, or teaching them!

7. You will always deserve better than me, and I will always be grateful that you can’t see that!

8. The way you stand your ground and know what you believe will always amaze me! You are truly the strongest man I know! I love how you are rooted in faith and you let nothing shake you!

9. I love the way you lead our family! The way you make the tough decisions and alway seem to know what’s best for us. The way you bring us all together!

10. But most of all I want you to know that I love the way you love me! The way you care for me, all the time. I love that even though I’m moody, and often find myself hangry, and sometimes not very nice you still love me!

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